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Organizational culture is key for building wellbeing, resilience & connection from a systemic perspective rooted in everyday interactions. As people seek ways to increase their life-work satisfaction by lowering the amount of experienced stress & pressure, more & more organizations seek ways to support them. Here you will find a list of propositions of how I can support your organization in building a more sustainable & health promoting workplace from individual to group support. Final offers are prepared individually after a needs assessment.



Are you experiencing overwhelm, spiking stress & a sense of chaos in your workplace? Nervous system recovery is then what you need!

Our nervous system keeps a blueprint of all our life-experiences that form our reactive coping patterns affecting our day-to-day functioning, how we relate to the occuring events in our life as well as what choices that are available to us.

An overwhelmed nervous system compromises us & leads us to reactivity, low mood, low engagement & in long run health issues. Usually this is reflected by spikes of very accelerated activity followed by letargy, disconnection & depressed mood. This than leads to risks of addictions as a way to ease the crash & discomfort.

Learning how to regulate the nervous system is a must-have in today's fast changing & uncertain world. This is the key to reaching a state of inner peace, joy, creativity, clarity & flexibility.

Breathwork is a proven tool that can help the nervous system to release stuck stress, unprocessed emotions from the body to help us reach states of deep recovery & create internal space to face the challenges in our life & work in new, creative ways.

This program provides you with high quality nervous system functioning knowledge, practical tools for short-term management & long-term recovery of the nervous system.

What the program entails?

  • understanding the role of the nervous system (ANS)

  • understanding how it works (stages of regulation & dysregulation)

  • how does nervous system regulation relate to our moods, thoughs & actions

  • what are the most common issues that people experience when in dysregulation based on different stages + coping mechanisms

  • how our past experiences affect our current life & nervous system regulation

  • why we seem to loose control of our reactions (avoiding, attacking, freezing, withdrawing)

  • what kind of mindset helps in nervous system recovery

  • what is nervous system rest baseline & why is it important

  • short-term & longs-term solutions to dysregulation

  • breathwork & mindful presence as key tools for sustainable, positive change

  • accessing states of deep recovery, peace, power, resourcefulness, joy, creativity & innovation

  • unlocking new ways of showing up in life, taking back control of our choices & responses in spaces we felt we couldn't before

  • practicing nervous system regulation through guided regular 30-90min breathwork sessions (group or 1:1)

  • group coaching to integrate the experience & make the right conclusions

  • short-term management tools in situations of dysregulation

Additionally participants recieve support & coaching during the program. There are options to include training around how to set boundaries & comunicate in constructive, clear & kind ways. A topic that is often highly challenging for many.

It is worth mentioning that this program will affect individuals uniquely - giving them individual insights & tangible transformations in their life.



  • Building Resilience & Mental Heath 

  • Stress Management - Learn the principle of nervous system regulation & effective tools that can help you come back to harmony in an instant

  • Energy Management - self-analysis + optimization plan  

  • Self-recognition Practice - how to be your inner and supportive Leader  

  • Emotional Alchemy: Consciously working with emotions on mind and body level  

  • Energy Burnout; reasons, self-analysis & methods for shortterm & longterm recovery  

  • Guided breathing sessions for resilience, vitality, grounding and focus (30min)  

  • Guided mindfulness meditation for restoration of mind and body (30min) 



  • Psychological support in crisis - for people who need immediate support  

  • Transformational coaching - for people who want to improve their wellbeing (e.g., an employee who needs emotional support or who is facing challenges in some area which causes frustration and tension)  

  • Integrative (therapeutic) Breathwork - for people who are ready to work more deeply with releasing emotions and expanding self-awareness.  

  • Team Healing - sessions for teams in crisis/conflict/burnout (2-4h/session)

  • Team Coaching 



I create a customized offers for clients that want a more individualized approach based on their challenges & needs. All from individual to team developmental programs.

Let's connect!

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