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My Story & My Approach

In this section you will be able to find more information about me, my story of recovery & how I work. In this way you can assess, if I am the right fit for you. 

The titles I use to describe the work I do are; Holistic Psychologist, Breathwork Facilitator, Transformational & Wellbeing Coach, Emotional Alchemist, Space Holder & Intuitive Healer. I know they are many, but I feel that all of them reflect the work I do with my clients. Nevertheless, they are just a small part of who I am as a human with my unique personality, experience, skills & worldview.

My Story

I will start my self-presentation from the more formal side - my education; I am a psychologist with a psychotherapy specialization (Masters Degree at University of Warsaw), certified life & business coach (PwC), solution-focused brief therapist and a breathwork facilitator (Innercamp). During my studies, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the mechanisms of the psyche and the functioning of the brain from the theoretical side and to a small extent practical side, I deepened my competences with the help of courses, certificates, but also by deepening my knowledge individually by exploring the secrets of the nervous system, trauma, embodiment, alternative healing methods & consciousness.

My experience of working with people dates back to my teenage years (informally), because people from my environment tended to confide in me and reach out for my support in various situations. I never saw it as something "special" but now after all these years I know it's my natural talent. It resulted from my high sensitivity, empathy, strong intuition combined with my analytical mind which allowed me to see "more" in people and understand them on a deep level. The human psyche and the desire to understand others and the world have always accompanied me and over the years, it has developed, refined and deepened.


My more formal work with people began in HR departments and later Competence Development in corporations. From 2017 I also started to lead trainings, workshops, facilitation & coaching with individuals and groups. The topics were broad from communication skills, leadership skills, sales skills, crisis intervention, mental health to people development & growth. It was a great time & I gained a lot of knowledge in a short time. What I also started to recognize during that time was that so many people seemed to be unhappy & frustrated. Also I understood that pure knowledge doesn't change much if we are not able to fully apply it. Another important insight was that if our foundations are not covered & stable no matter what we do it will never fully work as our protective mechanisms will keep us stuck from experiencing true freedom.


Around the beggining of 2021, I myself was called into a deeper reflection over my own life. It was a time when I questioned my current life and started asking myself questions like "what am I doing here?", "what is the meaning of life?", "who am I really?", "what do I want?", "is this All?" and in conjunction with practicing meditation at the same time, I suddenly experienced an experience of enlightenment and deep connection to everything. This profound experience awakened me to the truth of who I am and the truth about life - that it is infinite and full of love. I recieved a deep inquiry that I had lived my life "disconnected from myself" and that my brain because of it's conditioning was distorting the perception of the nature of the world and how I perceive myself and others. In this disconnection, I act out of fear of life, not out of trust in life. This was the beginning of my profound transformation and integration of my personality.

In the second half of 2021, I was faced with my own personal psychological crisis that strongly influenced how I now perceive & understand consciousness, mind and body in the context of holistic health. Back then many factors accumulated, which led me to a very strong burnout and a deep identity crisis. I was no longer able to maintain my defence strategies and everything started to fall apart in my life - I entered a collapse & a process of an ego death. In the spiritual realms they call it the dark night of the soul. Shortly after entering my personal positive desintegration, the kundalini energy (dormant life energy) awakened in me, which additionally burned my nervous system to the ground. During that period, I was sleeping and releasing the traumas that were flowing out one by one. I was going through a complete wipe out in my system and a complete reset at the identity level. Most days were very difficult but it was this time that fully redirected me to a path in life led by my heart, deepening my trust in myself & life. During this major transformation, I received the gift of channelling energy in my palms, which now allows me to support the healing processes energetically in my sessions. My capacity to hold space has drastically increased so that the people I work with can reach their deep truths, express themselves fully and heal themselves on a core level.


My style of work is highly intuitive, backed by empirical knowledge & understanding of trauma, human psyche & energetics but primarely I move at the pace of the clients & meet them where they are at. Therefore, I give a lot of space and in a subtle but effective way I help people understand themselves, expand their awareness and trust themselves in choosing whats right for them.


On a more personal note, I am much of a nature person. I believe we can learn so much from just spending time outside, observing how it is all beautifully interconnected. I am also an arts person, love painting, drawing & dancing. All topics related to consciousness, health, ancient wisdom, growth & discovery are something I love to explore. As I am a people's person I like spending time with family & friends, on workshops, cultural events & festivals. 


I work in 3 languages: Polish, English & Swedish.


If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer! 

My Approach

I have always been a curious one, with a highly analytical mind. I have always liked a very broad scope of wisdom & experiences. Due to the high value toward specialization in our society I have always kind of tried to fit myself into a box, compromising who I am fully. But in truth I have been fascinated of exploring the world from all different perspectives trying to figure out who I am & what this world is about. This is deepely reflected in the work I do with my clients & it allows me to adapt the process to individual needs, because at the core of this work is for you to learn to hear & trust yourself.

I believe nothing exists in separation really, all living beings & systems are interconnected. But in this experience of separation we are able to grow, evole & master our full potential when we learn to take care of our protective minds. Unresolved trauma or supressed emotions & parts of our identity is what creates a disruption within our systems that leads to destructive & obsessive patterns, misaligned decisions & later dysfunctions. It is reflected by continuous self-neglect & self-compromising or overindulging behaviours . The more we feed our disruptive patterns (adaptational patterns that once secured our survival) the more they grow. Healing is about bringing those parts into our awareness & integrating them to restore harmony. We learn to harness self-love & build a new relationship toward ourselves & the outer world.

What does that mean in the practical everday life?

  • You learn to support your body in healing through simple embodiment practices that help to regulate your nervous system.

  • You learn to connect to your feelings & express them in a healthy & supportive way.

  • You learn to support yourself throughout different circumstances, challenges & emotions.

  • You learn to discern your patterns & automatic reactions (conditioning) from you true self.

  • You learn to work through triggers & trauma.

  • You learn to enjoy your life journey & become more flexible in your interpretations.

  • You become less reactive to your environment & instead you start to consciously choose how you show up & respond. 

  • You become conscious of your own needs & learn to satisfy them in a healthy way.

  • You are able to handle situations that once felt overwhelming.

  • You feel more energized, relaxed, grounded, flexible & safe in your body & mind.

  • You grow self-trust & self-love through everyday practices of self-recognition.

  • You learn to set the right boundaries with yourself & in relationships with others.

  • You become much better at communicating in an open, transparent yet empathic way.

  • You stop compromising yourself & start to express yourself in an authentic way.

  • You align your life after what truly matters to you & take action to materialize your desires.

  • You learn to discern & choose what is right for you from moment to moment using your inner wisdom, intuition & discernment.

  • You grow your ability for intimacy, connection, joy & vulnerability.

In order to make that happen it is important to understand how our brain works, how neural connections are made & sustained because that is how we get programmed through conditioning which becomes the baseline for percieving & experiencing the world. Both genes & our experiences already as a fetus has huge influence on our default mode affecting our decisions & coping schemes. We now also know that traumatic experiences (emotional unavailability, neglect, unpredictable environments, excessive controll etc.) has a vast influence on our brain development & nervous system health & functioning & that trauma is intergenerationally past down until that stuck energy gets released. The positive information is the neuroplasticity that allows us to rewire our brain to change all that. Because our brain likes familiarity above novelty (familiarity=safety), it is more prone to make us choose that which is known (unhealthy adaptive patterns) & that is often not in our highest good.  Moreover, the less we are aware of our automatic patterns, the less actual control do we have over our lives.


To free ourselves from these old survival patterns we need to do 4 things:


1. resolve our emotional wounding,

2. practice to ground & regulate our nervous system (reconnecting to the body),

3. reconnect & learn to recieve heart wisdom & inner guidance,

4. rewire our brain through healthy & aligned choices & actions.


We resolve trauma by going back to the experiences & allow the full emotional cycle to get completed. In this way our body & brain can get back into harmony & more joy can pour into our lives. Why is joy, compassion & love important? Well, these emotions bring us elevated energy that gives us a natural drive, creativity, aliveness & healing to our bodies. 


Another important aspect to consider is that our brain is a tool that helpes us navigate in this 3D reality. Our analytical & creative parts of the brain help us to move forward, survive & draw conclusions. One important aspect of the brain is that it is a close-ended system & it draws conclusions on the data it has available to it, stored in the memory. This database dependent on the experiences & knowledge provided have a deep impact on our beliefs about ourselves & the world & is just a PERSPECTIVE of what it means to be experiencing life. In order to broaden our perspective of life & what is possible we need to expose ourselves to other people & experiences. Now if we have gone through trauma + we are sensitive (we experience the world more intensly) it is highly probable that our survival brain will hijack our growth & potential if the bagage of emotional pain is not fully released & integrated. 


Even if our personal expriences are very different, we still experience similar emotions at different scales. As we judge the world based upon our own experiences, sometimes we are not able to relate to some people which doesn't mean their experiences are not real. The more we allow ourselves to deepen our conditionings by acting according to them & against our true desires we disconnect more and more. Following conditioning comes from following our brain, choosing what seems "safe" & familiar. At the same time pushing down our own true needs & desires. As we continue on this path our inner fire starts to burnout. We fall into the spiral of pressure, stress & auto-protection. What helps us out is understanding who we are at the core - energetic beings having a human experience. As we understand our loving and vast nature beyond the human experience, this is what can give us a much deeper sense of safety & trust even in the toughest moments. Nurturing a connection to the divine can greatly help us on our life journey.


Our heart center that has been referred to in spiritual philosophies has always been the center of wisdom - the portal beyond the binary mind into the field of infinite possibilities & higher guidance. From a research perspective, the heart is just like an another brain that we haven't considered as important until now. It is now shown that the heart is actually sending more information to our mind than the other way around. But if we have unresolved wounds we might not be able to hear or follow through with the information we recieve. It is in state of deep surrender & relaxation that we can recieve messages from our higher consciousness yet most of us rarely is able to reach a space of deep relaxation & receptivity. Next, when we learn to recieve the messages, we need to have the courage to follow through with them.


Through my own healing & spiritual journey I have understood that we are in fact energetic beings (spiritual/energetic beings) having a human experience & when we start to look at life from this perspective we gain the confidence & empowerment to walk through the fire & release the obstacles that have been keeping us back. It gives quite a comfort to know your existence if far bigger than what you experience throughout your physical manifestation (you as a separate being with a specific story) & that this physical manifestions gives us an opportunity to learn & experience life from all different perspectives. Moreover, we all are a very important part of the whole.


This spiritual perspective gives us a deep sense of trust in life & we can learn to switch the perspective from "life happens to me" into "life happens for me" while harnesting a loving & compassionate relationship toward our human experiences. This allows us to build new fundamental of healthy & loving relationship to ones self, honouring our own path, uniqueness & allowing us to show up in the world from a space of connection.

As we heal, our capacity grows & we retieve back the ability to choose consciously. We become more humble & loving to others & at the same time we are more confident than ever when it comes to our own power & the value we bring here.

Every crisis, helps us to surrender our ego & the fixed identity, the stories that you have told yourself that has kept you in your own box of repetitive cycles of suffering. It is when we surrender all that, we are able to experience the core of our power & who we are. We move into presence & connection to each moment. The mind then becomes your ally rather than the ruler. In this way you exit your conditioned patterns & you start to consciously co-create your life.

Let's connect!

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