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Here you will find how I can support you on your path of healing, recovery & wellbeing. You can either choose a single session or choose to work with me long-term which I highly recommend as this is what gives most permanent results. 6 session packages are available for purchase. I can also create individual packages after a prior consultation. It is worth remembering that growth is a non-linear & continuous process of bringing awareness to ourselves & our lives by peeling of layers of conditioning & deepening the level of connection to our authentic expression & aligned action.

I lead sessions in English, Polish & Swedish both online & f2f (more information at the end of this page).


If you want to book & purchase please send me an email or message me through whats app on the number: +48 575 740 351. We will decide upon the date, time & you will recieve payment information.

If you are not sure what is best for you, let me know & I will help you to navigate.


90min | 80 EUR / session

6 session package: 432 EUR (-10% discount)

Coaching sessions are meant to move you into greater inner harmony, wellbeing & alignment by giving you an understanding of what led you to where you are at now so that you may shift & create changes that will allow you to experience greater joy in life.


During these sessions I help you identify the root causes (core wounds) to your blockages, that keep you stuck in the repetitive cycles, defences & destructive compensation strategies. I help you process stuck emotions so that you can deepen your connection to your body, your senses, potentials & your inner wisdom within.

Moreover I help you to broaden your perspectives & move away from beliefs that have been limiting you & keeping you small. I help you to understand how your mind & nervous system works so that you learn to relate to them in a new more healthy way. You also learn to recognize your resources & potentials so you can start to strenghten them to embody them in a more conscious way that will serve you.

During these sessions you are encouraged to bring all parts of you so they can all be heard & honoured. This is what integration is all about - there are no bad parts & their vioces are important to listen to in order for us to resolve & move toward a life of wellbeing & fulfillment. Step by step you are able to move more & more into a sense of trust, surrender & aligned action.


After sessions with me, clients feel grounded & confident of how they can help themselves as they recieve the knowledge & tools to work through triggers & emotions on their own when needed. Moreover, they feel empowered to choose what is of highest good for them & say no to what no longer resonates with them. They become more & more autentic & compassionate in their everyday lives. By this process they learn to trust & love themselves.  


90-120min | 90 EUR / session

6 session package: 486 EUR (-10% discount)

Therapeutic breathing (conscious connected breath) is a form of deep work on expanding one's own awareness in relation to the experiences and traumas that we carry in the body, but also a strong cleansing at the emotional, physical & energetic level. Breathing changes how our nervous system and brain work. It changes the endocrine system, our hormonal balance, and our blood biochemistry.


Deep and connected breathing moves the energy of our whole body at the cellular level through strong oxygenation, allowing the release of toxins, tensions as well as traumatic memories or emotions that we have carried inside for a long time. 

In the process, our conscious mind is put aside and we are given access to the body, which rarely receives our attention or the ability to guide us through the healing process. The great power of this process is that the body is allowed to speak up and has the opportunity to show us with movement, sound, sensation or vision what has not yet been healed & needs our acknowledgement to be felt & integrated. 

During the session, we can experience deep insights, recall important memories, process traumas and feel repressed emotions that, when released and integrated, lead to a deeper connection & harmony within.

Sessions can be very intense in terms of experiencing, releasing and very gentle, levitating and loving depending on what is appropriate for the given person on a given moment.

On a physical level, sessions strongly strengthen our body and allow for proper regeneration; oxygenation, better circulation & regulation of the nervous system, which translates into better sleep, digestion and overall efficiency of the body.

At the mental level, they allow us to free ourselves from excessive worries, fears, but also undesirable reaction patterns. It opens us to new perspectives of perceiving our own lives and difficult situations. They deepen our understanding of ourselves and others. They also help us to improve our cognitive capabilities; presence, focus, memory and mental clarity.

Breathing sessions can also serve a more spiritual and mystical aspect, messages from our soul (higher consciousness), a sense of unity with everything, connecting with the love of the universal energy, which allows you to anchor deep trust but also to perceive reality in a new expanded way.

It is a multi-dimensional tool and helps us come home to ourselves.
It can serve as a trigger for radical changes in life or an impulse to slow down and appreciate what we already have. It all depends on where we are and what we are facing in life.

The best effect of working with breathwork is in conjunction with coaching sessions. In this way, it makes it easier to understand and implement the information from the sessions into everyday life. This work is a process and I recommend a series of sessions so that the work has a measurable effect in our everyday lives. Sometimes, however, a single session can be a sufficient impulse or a missing puzzle on the path to change and greater harmony.

Make sure to download the breathwork contraindications & disclaimer information before you book a session:


60min | 55 EUR / session

6 session package: 297 EUR (-10% discount)

During the session of intuitive energy healing, I connect with your energy field to clear energetic blockages and harmonize it. The work is fully tailored to the individual, to what they mostly need & what is in highest good during that particular session.


During the session, emotional releases may occur, but one can also enter a state of deep rest and regeneration at the level of body and psyche. These sessions are wonderful for people that have gone through times of highened stress & emotional pain as it helps to deepely nourish the body & the nervous system. As the energy I work with is source energy, people experience feelings of deep love, safety & compassion.


After the sessions people feel a shift in the way of how they relate to themselves, others & the world as a result. It is also easier to move out of destructive reaction patterns & become more grounded, present & attuned to yourself & life.


120min | 120 EUR / session

During a wellbeing consultation we map your daily habits (sleep, food, screentime, work, exercise, speartime, relationships etc.) & look on what drains your energy, in what way you recharge & what small changes you can apply to increase your energy level & wellbeing. Causes for feeling drained are many & are completely individual & need an individualized approach. Often very small changes can improve our wellbeing tremendously. Thankfully there are many tools that are available to shift our chemistry & regenerate our energy levels but in the era of information overload it might be hard to choose what’s best for you & this consultation will make it easy to create a wellbeing plan that will be fitted for your unique needs. 

Key to positive lifestyle changes is to not over-do it & to not constrain or push ourselves too much as that leads to compensation mechanisms or self-harming behaviors. What is important is to find ways that bring us joy & that follow the needs of our body at any given moment. This means that for some people plans will have a fundamental structure but give a lot of space for flexibility & adaptation. In this way you learn to connect & listen to your own needs of your own body that is really your greatest guide to recovery & wellbeing.

Before the session you will recieve a form to be completed & sent back before we start so that I can recieve a better understanding of your struggles & your preferences.

A coaching follow-up session is recommended to check in & see how it works out & if any tweaks may be needed.

If you wish to work F2F, I work in 2 locations:

Mokotów (Warsaw) 


Let's connect!

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