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HEALING CHANGES YOUR MIND & BODY: How my healing journey affected my physiology & mind

When we heal we bring more safety to our nervous system as a default mode. More safety = less tension held in the body = less looping thoughs & worry.

We do that by releasing stuck emotions & allowing us to feel what could not have been felt before. The important thing is that we always release in layers & our body guides us toward what we are ready to release at any given moment. Therefore healing cannot be pushed or forced but rather we need to trust the proocess & the timing.

Your healing is DIRECTLY affecting your physical health & wellbeing.

Our nervous system is connected to all our other systems in the body like the endocrine system, digestive system, immune system, cardio-vascular system.

When it releases tension & steps out of hyper/hypo arousal into safety it affects all the other systems in the body + your brain.

When you release stuck emotions you regulate your WHOLE BODY + MIND. Allowing all the bodily systems back to harmony & for your body & mind to become more flexible & healthy.

My own healing through breathwork, emotional alchemy

+ embodiment improved:

-my digestion (I can eat raw foods without becoming swollen or have diarrea)

-my physiology (I am physically stronger & slimmer than ever without any strict diet or training regime)

-my skin (I have less wrinkles & my skin is more healthy & radiant)

-my sleep (I am much more rested after a nights sleep)

-my flexibility (my body has less tensions & I am more flexible than ever)

-my experience of sexual pleasure is so much greater as I am so much more connected to my body

I feel finally home in my body & I love it. I am much better at lis

tening to its needs & follow through trusting its guidance. I am much better at balancing between action/being becoming better & better at finding my own natural ways of functioning that work for my brain & personality.

This was not the case before I started my regular breathing & healing practices. I felt heavy, constantly stressed & swollen. I compensated my lack of wellbeing with being constantly busy driving myself to full burnout or seeking highly exiting activities that were often harm-inducing.

Your physical, mental & social health are connected. Most of physical ailments have the root in suppressed emotions + lack of safety in nervous systems which overwhelms the body & perpetuates destructive patterns.

There is so much healing that can happen when you release the burden you carry in your body & you start to follow what is best for you ❤

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